The Anton Webern Gesamtausgabe (AWG) is a critical-historical edition which aims to make Webern’s entire oeuvre accessible to musical scholarship and practice in a scholarly form. The edition includes not only all the works Webern himself had forwarded to be printed but also their unpublished variants. It also includes compositions that were never made public in his lifetime, works from his youth and student years, as well as fragments, sketches, arrangements and revisions of his and other scores.

The AWG is based at the Musicology Seminar of the University of Basel and works in close collaboration with the Paul Sacher Stiftung (Basel), which holds most of Webern's existing source material. Since October 2006 the Swiss National Scientific Foundation, and since 2019 the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences has supported its activities.
Furthermore, since 2008 an office has been set up in Vienna in cooperation with the Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften. Its aim is to find new information and undisclosed documents concerning the history, the reception, and the historical context of Webern’s oeuvre. This collaboration has been extended thanks to a grant from the Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung.

The AWG will be released in a Hybrid Print-Online Edition, the printed volumes being published by Universal Edition (Vienna).

The AWG understands itself as a centre of competence comprising, beside its editorial work, a network of archival, documentary, analytical, communication, service-providing, and organizational activities.
February 2020
Lecture by Stefan Münnich at the 18th international conference of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft für germanistische Edition on the subject Werk und Beiwerk. Zur Edition von Paratexten from 12 to 15 February 2020 at the Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach a. N.: „Vom Paratext zum Para-Graph: Semantische Modellierung musikalischer Paratexte in der Anton Webern Gesamtausgabe“ (Abstract).

Juli 2019
New article published: Stefan Münnich: "Quellenverluste (Deperdita) als methodologischer Unsicherheitsbereich für Editorik und Datenmodellierung am Beispiel von Anton Weberns George-Lied op. 4 Nr. 5", in: Die Modellierung des Zweifels – Schlüsselideen und -konzepte zur graphbasierten Modellierung von Unsicherheiten. Hg. von Andreas Kuczera / Thorsten Wübbena / Thomas Kollatz. Wolfenbüttel 2019. (= Zeitschrift für digitale Geisteswissenschaften / Sonderbände, 4) text/html Format. DOI: 10.17175/sb004_005

März 2019
Webern-Studien 4 published:

Neue Perspektiven. Anton Webern und das Komponieren im 20. Jahrhundert, ed. Pietro Cavallotti, Simon Obert and Rainer Schmusch, Wien: Lafite, 2019 (Webern-Studien 4).

December 2018

New article published: Thomas Ahrend, Michael Matter: "Webern, Anton" (including work catalogue and bibliography), in: KDG - Komponisten der Gegenwart, 2018. Online available at Munzinger Online.

3. December 2018
Happy Birthday, Webern! On this day 135 years ago, also a Monday, Anton Webern is "delivered by a midwife" in Vienna, III. district, Löwengasse 53a.