On the DaSCH Service Platform (DSP), the Anton Webern Gesamtausgabe is archiving Webern’s correspondence under the heading Letters. This correspondence contains relevant information for the classification and verification of biographical events and documents the genesis of his works. This database is under construction and is constantly being expanded. 

Besides the more substantial exchange of letters – for example with Arnold Schoenberg, Alban Berg, Hildegard Jone (his librettist in the later years), Heinrich Jalowetz, or Universal Edition – his correspondence with numerous other people is also being gathered as extensively as possible. 

DSP catalogues each document individually. Users can retrieve information (addressee, sender, date, place, incipit, brief description and summary) for each of these objects. Searching can be filtered by various parameters (e.g. correspondence partners, date).

Anton Webern, letter to Arnold Schönberg, Christmas 1908 (Library of Congress, Washington DC, Arnold Schoenberg Collection).