On the DaSCH Service Platform (DSP), the Anton Webern Gesamtausgabe is compiling a chronology. This chronology aims to record the main events in the composer’s life as well as the various stages in a work’s compositional process. These stages range from the completion of initial drafts, followed by eventual variants, to the fair copy and, as the case might be, to the printed score. This chronology is under construction and is constantly being expanded. 

Evidence for these events can be accessed through hyperlinks to objects in Letters dealing with the genesis or publication of works, world premieres and concerts, biographical aspects including travel, diseases, activities as a conductor or as a teacher, as well as with other additionally related objects, e.g. production cards of Universal Edition. External links, such as digitalized issues of newspapers of the period, are aligned with current events and supply additional information. This contributes to a detailed time line which facilitates the observation of single threads within the diversity of the subject matter: allowing for overviews of longer periods of his life or career, as well as, depending on interest, the comprehension of different events within a single day. 

DSP catalogues each event independently. Search results can therefore be narrowed down according to various parameters (e.g. specific time periods, places, people, works, or other keywords using the full-text search).

Webern, ca. 1925 (Wienbibliothek im Rathaus, Vienna).

Anton Webern with his son Peter and daughter Christine on Mount Schneealpe (Styria), summer 1928 (Wienbibliothek im Rathaus, Vienna).