Anton Webern’s oeuvre mainly consists of numerous Lieder and chamber music compositions for a variety of instrumental combinations as well as a few orchestral works. While most of the compositions with opus numbers (op. 1–31) were printed during his lifetime by UE in Vienna, a substantial number of other works were only discovered and made public after his death. These include numerous compositions from his youth and student years, some of them written while studying with Schoenberg 1904–1908.
For research purposes, the DaSCH Service Platform (DSP) can either generate a list of works with opus number or create a list of all the Moldenhauer numbers. For each list entry, DSP gives a brief overview of the work’s genesis, its first performance (when applicable), and/or the history of its publication as well as an overview of its sources. References within a wider context to other works, variants, etc. are indicated via hyperlinks.

Advertisement for Webern’s works on the back cover of the first printing of Drei Gesänge aus „Viae Inviae“ von Hildegard Jone op. 23 (Vienna: Universal Edition, 1936).